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Joyce Weiss - Communication and Leadership Consultant

Conflict in the Workplace

Eliminate unhealthy conflict in your organization by tackling it head on

Workplace Bullying

Learn strategies to deal with sarcasm, negativity, retaliation and silence

Career Coach

Achieve your career goals with proven strategies and tactics

Executive Coach

Don’t go it alone- Reduce C-level stress and help your company exceed its goals

Personal Life Coach

Establish boundaries between work and your personal life that allows you to regain your sanity


Joyce’s experience, humor, and speaking abilities come together for a presentation with impact

Leadership Success Stories

Julie Pingston

Senior Vice President & CEO
Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau

Debra Lavantrosser Setman

Founder & Lead Advisor
Arbed Solutions

Kathy Bart

Director of Sales
DeVos Place

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