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Travel Can be Dangerous: Select Compatable Companions

2015 May 24

This new series on “Working with Jerks” is really speaking to many of you.  I have received more private emails about readers’ nightmares concerning difficult people in their personal and professional life.  Let’s see if you can relate with this story.  I will be asking you to share your ideas on how you would have handled the situation.

George’s Travel Nightmare

George went on a trip to Arizona with an alleged good friend of his…Jim.  George came down with the flu and could not participate in the side trips.  George had a high temperature and was upset that he could not partake in the activities.  Here comes the DRAMA!  Can you guess what Jim said to George?  If you guessed that he was sensitive to George’s situation, you are wrong.  Each day Jim said, “George you missed such great experiences.    I can’t believe that you wasted your time sleeping instead of pushing yourself.”  This trip ended a good relationship.  George saw another side of Jim.  He could not continue being Jim’s friend after Jim showed such insensitivity. 

Joyce, What Do You Think? Read the rest of the article

When You Work With a Jerk Story #4

2015 May 17


Have you ever worked in an environment that seemed more like high school…with bullies, rolling eyes, gossip mongers, and mean kids? I help my clients turn their toxic environment around and help them feel comfortable during tough conversations.  This post describes an email that I received from one of my loyal readers after he read several of the past posts on working with a jerk.  I did not make this up!  Names were changed to protect the innocent.

Todd’s Story
Todd is a sales rep for a mid sized firm.  He received a promotion for selling the most products in the company for the first quarter.  The leaders wrote Todd’s name on a huge recognition board in the lunch room.  Can you guess what happened next?  If you guessed that someone erased Todd’s name from the board…you are correct!  The horrific part is that no one at Todd’s firm addressed this mean spirited act. 

What Would You Do if You Were Todd’s Boss? Read the rest of the article

“Trying” to Communicate with Younger Generations

2015 May 3

One of my clients sent me a question about a conflict that he was experiencing.  Let’s see if this sounds familiar with some of you.
He felt that social media was impacting the social and communication skills for his 15 year old son.  He was  concerned because his son had a difficult time speaking at dinner or with the family.  Of course this is typical of teenagers anyway.  There is something that goes even deeper.

So Joyce, What Do You Think?

Think about it for a moment.  When teens text with their friends, they can edit their comments if necessary.  I wish that we could edit our verbal communication at those times when we make huge communication mistakes!  People who text need to use their mouth to communicate also or else this could be a huge issue in their future.  People need to get along with others in the workplace or else there will be huge conflict.  Face to face communication is something that we all need to improve upon.  Texting is great.  I love using it especially if I want to stay in touch with my family.  Texting along with verbal communication work well for me!  I’m not saying anything that is new here but I decided to bring this up because I’m hearing more discussion about this issue. 

What about you

1.  Do you see verbal communication go down the tube with younger generations? Read the rest of the article

Working With a Jerk: Story #3

2015 April 26

This is the 3rd article on the topic Working With a Jerk.  There will be more stories on this topic because my readers have been sending me private messages describing their experiences.  I have enough examples to cover 6 months of articles!  You will receive more examples along with the other topics on resolving conflict in the workplace.  Are you ready for this week’s true story?  I hope so because it is another unbelievable one.

Janis and her mom work together in a mid sized company.  Jim is a colleague of theirs and is known for his sarcastic and biting words.  Janis, her mom and Jim were talking at lunch when Jim pointed his finger at Janis and said,  “Janis your hair cut suits you and your outfits are very professional…not like your mom’s outfits.”  Did you catch your breath?  Yes, this did actually happen!

I have four questions for you:

1.  What would you say to Jim if you were Janis? Read the rest of the article

When You Work With A Jerk: Story #2

2015 April 19

Some of you may be thinking that these articles were written just for you especially if your workplace has colleagues who don’t know how to work well with others.  Then again some of you may not relate to these examples of working with a jerk because your workplace is conflict free…lucky you!

This week’s story is one that really rocked my boat.  A few of my clients were discussing Pam, a manager who is extremely competitive during  my Be Direct with Respect® trainings.  Pam will do what ever she can to show her boss that she is the star manager who deserves a promotion.  Pam secretly took a video on her cell phone while Todd, another manager was making a presentation to a client.  Pam hoped to show her boss that Todd’s thick accent was a communication issue.  The  other team members understood Todd and most importantly the client did too.  Pam wanted to shine and let her boss know that Todd’s “language barrier” was stopping the team from making more sales. 

I have three questions for you:

1.  What would you do if you were the team members who thought Pam was out of line? Read the rest of the article