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Talk to Both Star and Sub-Par Employees

2015 January 18
  • Do you find yourself having the same conversations with mediocre or low productive employees… and see no results?
  • Have you ignored your star employees by spending too much time trying to solve problems with your sub-par team members?
  • Do you want to learn proven strategies on how to engage your entire team? get new employees

Below you will find 3 different conversations to have with your team:
     High Performance
     Middle Performance
     Low Performance

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High Performance Conversations

1.  Tell them where the organization and the department is going.
2.  Thank them for their work.
3.  Outline why they are so important.
4.  Find out how you can support them with career planning or training possibilities in the future.      Read the full article…

How NOT to Think Like Van Gogh

2015 January 11

Van Gogh's Olive Trees

As you know, I usually write about Conflict in the Workplace.  This post is about inner conflict that we all experience at times.  I was inspired to write about this topic after reading an autobiography about my favorite artist – Vincent Van Gogh called “Dear Theo.”  The book contains letters to Vincent’s brother Theo.  It is a difficult book to read because you experience Vincent’s mental illness and internal demons.  You will find quotes from the book below.

I meet people daily who don’t know how to live their life to the fullest. My 2nd book, Take the Ride of Your Life contains stories and examples from my own life how important it is to live life BIG. This is one of the reasons why I continue my quest to help others become bold and speak their mind if and when others try to suck out their individualism with toxic behavior.

     Read the full article…

Are People Rude or Selfish if They are Constantly Late?

2015 January 4

clock and hammer bigI recently shared a cartoon from my friend on Facebook that received quite a “buzz.”  NO YOU ARE NOT RUNNING LATE, YOU ARE RUDE!

Here are some of the comments that I received from the post:

  • I will not tolerate someone being late, not my style.
  • I was going to comment on your post, but I was running late.  (someone with a sense of humor)
  • Late drives me nuts.
  • We need to share this with others who need to read it.
  • Maybe the selfish ones are those who don’t care that things happen beyond our control.  Friendship is far more important than a few minutes in time.

This last comment brought on even more passionate comments about the rudeness of others. Obviously if someone is late once in a while that is understandable.  This happens to all of us. The people who I am describing in this post are the ones who are chronic and are late all of the time.      Read the full article…

Are You The Family’s Truth Teller?

2014 December 28

cartoon women boxing in long dressesClients and friends ask me how I can be as bold as I am with some of the examples that I share with them.  I realized years ago that most people don’t know how to resolve conflict in the workplace or home.  I see people letting things fester because they don’t have the skills or fear what will happen if they open up their mouth!  It has taken me YEARS of practice, making mistakes, making more mistakes, taking classes, reading, and gaining the respect by others and mainly for myself.

At times my family asks me why I need to be the family’s truth teller.  I tell them what Forrest Gump said when someone asked him what he was going to be, “Aren’t I going to be me?”  Believe me when I tell you that I’m not ALWAYS the bold one.  There are times when I actually hold back because the timing is not the best, or I may be tired and not full of my creative juices for that moment.  BUT, when I see things that need to be said, in a positive way, you better believe that I point these things out to clients, friends and family.  It is not always easy but I get a great night’s sleep because I don’t constantly think about unresolved issues.

This post contains quotes from people who you will recognize about this very topic.  I do hope that they will give your the courage to either speak up or hold back if you are one of the aggressive communicators. :)      Read the full article…

An Internal Fight Inside All of Us

2014 December 21

conflict woman's fist on tableMany of my articles are about resolving conflict in the workplace.  This post is about our internal conflict.  We can’t separate work and home at times.  I do hope that this post will help you let go of some issues that may be bogging you down.  We ALL spend way too much time in our personal and professional lives with this internal stress.

I client shared an Old Cherokee Legend with me recently.  It is so powerful and decided to add to to my conflict in the workplace trainings. 

Do you…

  • Think about unresolved issues that take up your valuable time?
  • Regret things that you didn’t or did do?
  • Have a pity party when things don’t go your way?

We are all human and think about unresolved issues, regret, and feel sorry for ourselves a times.  The important thing to remember is how much time we waste by not resolving things, letting go of regret or feeling sorry for ourselves and start making things better.     Read the full article…


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