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Are YOU A Target for A Bully?

2015 September 27

mean little boyI’m creating a new workshop on 2 difficult people who are creating a lot of stress for my clients.  Think for a moment who these may be.  If you guessed Bullies and Narcissists you’re correct.  The next few blogs will contain new information about these 2 personality disorders with “possible” strategies on how to deal with them.  I said possible because at times there are NO solutions if the bully or narcissist is high on the personality disorder charts.

I started thinking about my own life and if I was ever a target.  I was surprised when I realized that I was a target not too long ago.  I didn’t even realize this until I started doing research for my clients.  Stay tuned because I will share my story to start you thinking IF you have also been a target. 

Facts About Bullies

Bullies don’t have to throw a single punch to do lasting damage to another person’s health…or your business’s fiscal health.
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“Got” Personality Issues at Work?

2015 September 20

conflict 2 men staringYou Really Like Going to Work…Except For: 

  • The colleague who drives you crazy
  • Your team who is having it’s own drama
  • Cliques of like-minded people who are very different than you

If you can relate to these issues, believe me, you are NOT alone!

So, Joyce, What Can I Do When Colleagues Drive ME Crazy Because They Are Not Like Me?

It’s not an easy answer BUT we can resolve this issue. Remind yourself that we can’t put our head on the shoulders of anybody else. Realize that some people are methodical while others like spontaneity. Neither one is better than the other. They are just different behavioral styles. Talk to your team member and spin your discussion positively. Use your humor about your differences that agreeing to disagree is a great first step.  Check out past posts on Different Equals Different…Different Does Not Equal Wrong. 
The strategy below will backfire if your team lacks trust with each other.  Send me a private email before you attempt to have this conversation at

Joyce, Give Me a Strategy to Use…PLEASE!
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Face YOUR Fears When Giving Feedback

2015 August 23
YouTube Preview Image

Below is the interview that I recently took with Dr. Marie Waung, Associate Professor at University of Michigan-Dearborn. She offers many great ideas from her research.  I hope that she will be a guest another time for you to learn from her valuable information.      Read the full article…

How to Overcome Overwhelmed: A Video by Terry Brock

2015 August 16

conflict frustrated lady putting paper to her headI’m thrilled to share a video about How to Overcome Overwhelmed by my colleague and friend, Terry Brock.  He was honored to speak during a Tedx event organized by a local community. Terry’s approach to his topics are down to earth, entertaining, and easy to grasp. 

Who is Terry Brock?
Terry is a marketing and communication expert who shares ideas on how to use technology to build business relationships. He helps individuals and organizations realize potential they didn’t know existed.

Terry Brock is a columnist for Business Journals (43 papers across America), a blogger, and a marketing coach. He has worked with clients like AT&T as Editor in Chief for their award-winning industry blog and with Skype as their Chief Enterprise Blogger.

Here is Terry’s message in the video that you will find below
1.  You are in control
2.  Have the right technology and use it to learn and connect with others
3.  Move your thinking from “No Way” to “Not Yet!”

View Terry Brock’s video HERE

So Joyce, what do you think?

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This is How I Turned Around Stress at Work

2015 August 2

conflict black board conflict solutionsHave you agreed to do something that was not in your comfort zone and the project just didn’t turn out as well as you hoped?  This post is about a workshop that I was asked to do for one of my loyal clients.  The meeting planner, Julie, was in a bind because a trainer who she used for a “Hiring and Firing” class was not available.  She asked me if I was willing to do research and teach the class for a couple of her conferences.  I told her that I was NOT a lawyer or human resource specialist.  She realized this yet knew that my expertise was in conflict and conflict.  I agreed to do this because of the confidence from my client.

I interviewed several lawyers and human resource specialists and created a 20 page booklet.  I was very interested in the topic and was impressed with how corporate America deals with this important yet difficult subject.  I was ready to teach the course.  The first conference went better than I thought.  Yet the feedback was 75% positive and 25% negative.  Participants wished Julie brought in a lawyer or human resource director.  They were right.  I did not like the fact that I could not answer all the questions during the class.
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