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This is How I Turned Around Stress at Work

2015 August 2

conflict black board conflict solutionsHave you agreed to do something that was not in your comfort zone and the project just didn’t turn out as well as you hoped?  This post is about a workshop that I was asked to do for one of my loyal clients.  The meeting planner, Julie, was in a bind because a trainer who she used for a “Hiring and Firing” class was not available.  She asked me if I was willing to do research and teach the class for a couple of her conferences.  I told her that I was NOT a lawyer or human resource specialist.  She realized this yet knew that my expertise was in conflict and conflict.  I agreed to do this because of the confidence from my client.

I interviewed several lawyers and human resource specialists and created a 20 page booklet.  I was very interested in the topic and was impressed with how corporate America deals with this important yet difficult subject.  I was ready to teach the course.  The first conference went better than I thought.  Yet the feedback was 75% positive and 25% negative.  Participants wished Julie brought in a lawyer or human resource director.  They were right.  I did not like the fact that I could not answer all the questions during the class.
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What Happens When YOU Give Constructive Feedback?

2015 July 12

Copy (2) of photos from juicer 029This Week’s Question…
Are you usually satisfied with the response from others when you give constructive feedback?
This a challenge for many people…especially if they “think” the feedback was done well. 

Indications to See if The Feedback Was Successful…Or Not
The real test:  What responses did you receive after the feedback?  Look for actions after you give the feedback. 

  • Do you see positive changes in the person’s behavior or tasks?
  • Has your relationship improved?
  • Does the person have a new negative attitude towards you?

Joyce, What Can I do if the Person Didn’t React Well?
I would have an open and REAL conversation about this.  For example:  “Seth, I don’t want to create any stress between us.  I do want to continue growing our professional relationship.  I was caught off guard when I heard  sarcastic remarks because the constructive feedback was meant to help your career growth…not to be mean.  Please let me know how we can move forward because I see a lot of potential having you grow within our company.”  These comments may be too forward or not forward enough for you.  We ALL communicate in a different style.  My main goal when I work with others is to improve communication.  We need to take risks in order to create change.  Remember, “You Get What You Tolerate!”

So How About You?
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How Effective Are You At Setting Boundaries At Work?

2015 June 28

This week’s question…conflict man holding out hand..stop
How do I avoid time-wasting interruptions from others? This is a question that comes up frequently in my programs.  People often ask me, “Joyce how do I set boundaries so I can stop interruptions and do the work that I want and need to do?”

Many of my clients have difficulty setting limits with others and speaking up for themselves.  Their time is not their own because they are continually being interrupted.  They may have a difficult time saying “NO” to the request or demands of others.

We waste a lot of time when we don’t set boundaries when they interrupt us. 

 International Communications Research (ICR) in New York surveyed over 1000 people on how many minutes per day they are interrupted with things they don’t want to do. This did not include time spent on line or E-Mail. Over 42% of those surveyed said they spend 100 minutes or more every day on interruptions.

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Computer/Internet Addiction Causes and Effects

2015 June 21

As you know I share articles from colleagues from time to time.  This article written by Mel Bellfield is extremely interesting.  Many of us are addicted to the computers and the internet and WE KNOW IT!  But what to do? blog cats working

Check out how your communication skills may be impacting your success at work at the end of the article.

Computer Addiction – A Worrying New Problem
As we all know, computers and the internet have transformed the way in which we live and work. In many cases, this transformation has been for the better. It is a rare business indeed which could conduct itself without the aid of computers nowadays! However, the internet can also be a source of problems within the workplace. Browsing the internet during ‘downtime’ or even during work time can become problematic, productivity-wise, and measures like restricting the use of certain websites are likely to cause conflict between managers and workforce.
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Can We Really Have Tough Conversations With Our BOSS?

2015 June 14

cartoon criticize you in publicGlad that you decided to find out the answer which is…It Depends!  Some bosses are open and welcome constructive feedback while others are so full of ego and don’t encourage an open dialogue.  I just returned from presenting several workshops at the US Chamber Institute in Madison WI.  It was a real privilege speaking with men and women who work in chambers or associations throughout the USA.  

One of the sessions I conducted was “Managing Upward.”  I posed the following question to them…”What are some or your challenges with your boss or upper management?” 

Here are some of their responses:

  • The boss not being available
  • There is no follow up on issues that require swift action
  • Not dealing with conflict and letting things slide
  • Meetings which waste our time
  • No accountability with the team
  • Not setting expectations and no one knows what they need to be doing
  • Not having trust with my boss

Ouch!  Is that enough?  The list was a lot longer and you will find more scenarios in future posts.
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